"THANK YOU—for everything you’ve done for me and every other struggling mother who you’ve provided a safe haven to.  A place where we can not only vent but, we can just BE.  And not only just that, but for the amazing resources and unwavering support you continuously provide and that has made it possible for struggling, tired, unsure and lonely mothers, like myself, to find peace with themselves while amongst some of the most incredible women, mothers and friends I’ll probably ever know. So, PLEASE don’t stop what you’re doing because you and your hard work are making a HUGE difference in so many mothers’ lives..as well as the lives of their children, spouses, and even their extended family.​"

- J.H., Mineola, NY

"I felt so lucky to have Suzanne's unwavering support after my son's traumatic birth, and still three-and-a-half years later. Her honesty about her own postpartum experience kept me grounded in the fact that I wasn't alone. Suzanne was always there to listen with absolutely no judgement - I can say exactly what I'm feeling and know that she'll validate me. I can't say enough about how valuable her support has been for me, and I know I'll lean on her heavily as I approach my second birth!"  

- Malena, Glen Cove, NY

"Hi Suzanne! I wanted to reach out and tell you how incredible I think you are. I truly appreciate all that you are doing to create a space for moms to get real and connect on a sincere and vulnerable level. What you are doing is going to bring so much freedom and life back into all the moms involved. I'm so excited to be a part of it! Count me in for next month for sure!"​​

- Bebe, Queens, NY

"Suzanne was (and is) the stable, encouraging, realistic person I needed to help me continue on in my journey towards completing my family. The depth of her empathy and understanding gave me hope when I had none left, and helped me find the strength and courage to keep trying to conceive. She's a true leader and a beautiful soul and I'm forever grateful for her support and care."​

- Lauren, Sea Cliff, NY

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