Spring 2020/COVID-19 News and Resources

Hello everyone,

What a couple weeks it’s been. I wish I had some wise words to share, but I really don’t. I’m just taking it day by day, with my six and three-year-old. We’ve been doing homeschool “light” with a combination of trips outside when it’s not raining, some baking, arts and crafts, and TV/iPad appreciation, mixed in with some awesome tantrums.

Last week we were able to hold our support group online! We had eight women who held space for each other during this peculiar and mind-blowingly difficult time in motherhood. Our next virtual support group will be Tuesday April 7th at 8pm. Please contact me at SuzanneCohenOT@gmail.com for more information and to register.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with information, but I’ve read some fantastic articles from the Parenting section of the New York Times that I’d like to share with you. There’s a newsletter you can sign up for that delivers these particular articles to your inbox. I highly recommend subscribing. Below are some of my favorites:
Parents Need Stress Relief, Too
Love and Structure Will Carry Us Through
‘I Feel Like I Have Five Jobs’: Moms Navigate The Pandemic
I Refuse to Run a Coronoavirus Home School
How Coronavirus Exposes the Great Lie of Modern Motherhood

And if you’re looking for an article that will make you literally LOL, this one put a huge smile on my face:
I’m Glad You’re Going to Write the Great American Novel While We’re All Shut-In but I Have Little Kids

There are some amazing resources for virtual support right now and below are some of my favorites:
The Motherhood Center of New York
Postpartum Support International
Resolve: The National Infertility Association (All fertility treatments have been put on hold because of COVID-19, which is absolutely devastating for women who may have been trying for years to get pregnant. They’re offering some fantastic virtual support groups and information right now.)

I also highly recommend checking out the following Instagram accounts for information about live virtual yoga and meditation classes. I've found them super helpful.
Gritty Buddha 
Morgan Rose Simeone
Lauren Pacione

And last, this is probably my favorite post I’ve seen on Instagram recently. We’re all doing our BEST. No one was meant to parent/work/thrive during a pandemic!!! 





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Please reach out to me if you need any guidance, support, or referrals during this time. In addition, NY State has established a free emotional support line for anyone who’s feeling overwhelmed: (844) 863-9314. We’re all in this together.


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